Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Sheep and The Barn Owl

Well, today The Sheep had quite an adventure. It was a good thing they weren't out on their own or they could have been the meal of a very large, very cool Owl! They told me that they thought it looked like a Barn Owl and I believe them since I don't know anything about Owls. If you know differently, please feel free to correct Them. They are humble enough to take correction.

 They wouldn't get this close - they were afraid! Dave had to go by himself to get this photo. What a cool bird!!!!


  1. That's a pretty impressive picture of the owl. Love it! Glad it didn't snatch a sheep.

  2. I know! That would have been tragic! Way worse than swimming and dumpster diving!

  3. So happy our sheep are still with us! They're quite the risk takers!