Monday, December 30, 2013

Taking Time to Contemplate Christmas

Well, contrary to what it looks like on the blog, The Sheep haven't been sitting idle these past ten days. They have walked in the snow,

 tested the strength of the frozen creek (it was strong enough to hold them, plus a LOT more),

watched football , gone to the movies, and played in the outdoors. But the most important things that They have done can't be chronicled in photos. The most important thing They have done is to contemplate the meaning of Christmas. Not the gifts or the shopping or the lights or the trees. Not even the snow or cozy fireplace. Some of the most important things about Christmas,They decided, are the memories made with Loved ones. It doesn't matter what the day is, any day is special when you can spend it with the people (or The Sheep) you love.

But even more important than family and friends, is the sense of renewal and the knowledge that THIS - this season, this time, this weather, this LIFE - isn't all there is. There is more to life than just the day to day grind with a bright spot or two to look forward to. There is PURPOSE!

The Sheep have a purpose, it is up to THEM - as it is up to us all - to find it. The difficulty for us all is to not get caught up in the day to day, the tasks that have to be done, the business of life. If we forget to look for the purpose, for the reason behind the day to day grind, we forget to LIVE!!

So no matter what this New Year brings, remember to find YOUR purpose. Don't forget to LIVE this life you've been given. There is a purpose for you and a reason you were put on this earth. If you haven't found it yet, spend some time in quiet reflection. Ask God why He made you, He had a plan in mind for you before He placed you in your Mother's womb. He knows the reason for your birth - for you life, even if you haven't found it yet. 

Perhaps Linus summed up the meaning of Christmas best..



Friday, December 20, 2013

A break from Their quest... or is it?

Yesterday afternoon The Sheep took a break from Their quest for Christmas Spirit to attend a Christmas Party. Well, I guess there was some Christmas Spirit there too. At the party The Sheep played BINGO. The prizes varied from 1 gold coin to 10 gold coins per game. The Sheep did very well and were very happy to have the opportunity to play!

This is the beginning of play

And this is the end. The Sheep had a very good team behind them and won 14 gold coins in total. Way to BIN-GO Sheep!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Continuing the quest for Christmas Spirit

So... The Sheep have been talking to some of The Locals and in doing so learned of a really cool place to look for Christmas Spirit. There is a park here in Spokane called Manito Park. It has a rose garden and a Japanese Garden and a pond that is currently frozen over, but has swans in the summer. This park is pretty big and impressive. But the Christmas Spirit part of this park is The Greenhouse. So The Sheep set out to discover this for Themselves.

Just as They arrived at Their destination it started to snow. Big (ish) dry fluffy flakes that just drifted over the pavement, nothing dangerous, just pretty.

This was magical in itself, but then They went inside!

The staff at The Greenhouse had decorated the place to the HILT! The cacti even got into the act. Christmas Spirit was everywhere! This is a very good start, but The Sheep will keep up Their quest for more Christmas Spirit!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finding Christmas Spirit

Last night The Sheep heard about a neighborhood here on the South Hill of Spokane whose homeowners actually grow a tree in each yard in order to decorate it for Christmas. It is known as "Christmas Tree Lane". So of course The Sheep had to check it out to see if it is true.

Well, it is a little difficult to make out all of the trees, but the houses that had them in their yards were on both sides of the street and at least 3 blocks long. It was a great adventure and The Sheep were very impressed with the neighborhood's commitment to Christmas decorating.

They even saw a tour bus driving through the neighborhood full of curious Christmas Spirit Seekers.

There are rumors of more places to find decorations, so you KNOW The Sheep are on the look out!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Even MORE culture!

Wow, These Sheep are soaking in the culture this Christmas Season! Last night They were fortunate enough to get to attend ANOTHER concert! They really admire these kids for their hard work - it shows!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Following the Star for the true meaning of Christmas

The other night The Sheep were amazed to learn that They could attend a reenactment of the birth of our Savior! It was very very cold outside (let's just say it got down to 2 below that night), but these dedicated volunteers did a great job bringing the story to life!

 This same Baby boy born in a humble and dirty stable among the animals would live a life with struggles and temptations and heartache, but never give in to sin. He would choose to stay close enough to His Father that what other people thought or said or did paled in comparison. He had a lot to overcome, but He never gave into bitterness or hate.

No body knows what the Star really looked like, but it looked different enough that really smart scientists from the east tracked it down and followed it to meet the Baby. The Angels announced His birth for all to hear and see. Seeing Angels in the sky singing and talking probably changed a lot of people's lives.

Then some 33 years later that same Baby, Jesus, gave up the rights He had to rule the universe because He loved you and me (and The Sheep) more than He loved being right or being comfortable or being in charge. He knew that The Father had rules - I mean He created Heaven and earth, He gets to make the rules - and that we hadn't followed them. What's more is that He knew we NEVER COULD FOLLOW THEM ON OUR OWN so he paid the price that we all should have had to pay - deserved to have to pay - owed fair and square, but couldn't afford. He paid with His life!

The even more amazing part is that Death couldn't hold him. If you and I (or The Sheep) had paid with our lives, that would have been the end of the story, but it wasn't for Jesus. He was strong enough to beat death, He died, but then He lived again.

This Christmas, The Sheep wish you every comfort and every blessing, but more than that They wish you a real, close friendship with The Father just like Jesus has. One that changes the way you see the rest of the world and the people who live in it.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A night at the symphony

On December 5th The Sheep were excited and honored to be able to attend a symphony performance! It was amazing when the first band took the stage because they were exceptionally talented and The Sheep could tell that the musicians had worked very hard on their craft!

But then the next band came out and The Sheep were blown away by the amount of talent, precision and tonality this band had. It was very very enjoyable!

The Sheep had excellent seats, it was like They are famous or something.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting into the spirit of the season

Tonight The Sheep got to experience a great light show and corresponding radio program that a neighbor spent seemingly months arranging. They may stop by more times this season because it was so entertaining!


Friday, November 29, 2013

The Day After...

Well, If you are anything like The Sheep you are feeling the effects of too much food yesterday.

But the weather shook Them out of Their food coma and back out to the world of adventures.

Yesterday was cold and the ground was frozen, but there wasn't any white stuff on the ground. Not the case today. For a time snow was floating around like a snow globe, but then it turned to freezing rain. The Sheep got out to get some photos while the fluff was still coming down.

They promptly returned to warmth of home to wait until Their next adventure.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Sheep

This morning The Sheep were wandering around the neighborhood and taking in the sunrise and the fog in the distance. As They were walking They started thinking about all the things for which They are grateful... Family, Friends, Adventures, a warm place to sleep, enough to eat, etc.

The more They thought, the more They wondered... Who gets all this gratitude? Who are They thanking? Is gratitude worth the effort if no one receives it?

Some people want to thank "The Universe", some people want to thank "Mother Nature", and those are okay. But the more The Sheep thought the more They realized that those both fall short. When you break down the Latin for the word universe it literally translates to "One Word" Well, that begs the question, "Who spoke that word?" Mother Nature... that's a nice idea. Everyone needs a mother, but if everything is born from Mother Nature, who is the Father?

Hmmm, Father... That really got Them thinking. That reminded Them of something that They had heard before " Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all." A good Father, Whose character never changes - predictable, kind, mercifully, giving all of these good gifts. Now this is a good place to aim Their gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Could These Sheep be artists or is this a crop circle of sorts?

Today The Sheep wanted to show me this ice sculpture.

This made me ask myself... "Can Sheep sculpt?" Or did They just stumble upon this amazing frozen creation? I guess we'll never know the truth?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Can Sheep donate blood?

Well, it turns out that The Sheep are not human. I know that is a shock to us all, but... there it is! The good news for The Sheep is that They CAN have snacks in the canteen while waiting for the ones who brought them.
At least Their hearts were in the right place!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Sheep go ice skating

Today The Sheep decided that the creek was frozen enough to skate on. They were right!

In some of the photos, it is hard to tell that The Sheep are standing on ice, but They are. If you look really closely you can see that the creek is still running under there. I guess it's a good thing that The Sheep don't weigh very much (yet?!)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Sheep and The Moon and... Christmas?

Last night The Sheep were out like regular sheep would be. They looked up and The Moon was so big and bright that They decided you might want to see it too.
I guess it just looks like another light on the horizon, but... the big round one?? That's The Moon.

It put The Sheep in mind of Christmas and how Mary and Joseph followed the star in the east. Maybe it was a moon like this one, maybe not. It just got The Sheep to thinking. If it were as bright as this, it would have been easy to follow!

Merry Christmas, from The Sheep - a little early.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sheep and... The Doctor??

Today The Sheep were out and about and minding Their own business when the weather started to change and They were surprised to see what looked VERY much like the Tardis...

They weren't sure, what do you think?

Could The Doctor be in Spokane?