Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Adventures so far...

Just to get everyone caught up... here are the adventures The Sheep have had so far...

On the 6th of October, they wandered up to the top of the hill to take in the sunset. The good news was that they came right back after they had their fill (for one day) of the beauty!

The very next day, they went out again! This time to the Civic Theater in Downtown Spokane. This was only a rehearsal, so no one was overly concerned that some sheep were in the building. They play "Second Samuel" opens THIS weekend(October 25th)! The sheep give it 4 hooves up, you should check it out!

They must have over done it at the theater last night because they were inside by the fire first thing the morning of the 8th - wimps! There isn't even any snow yet!

They were quick to recover though, because the very next morning they were outside watching Dave use the backhoe! They were amazed by this piece of machinery and by the expertise Dave showed in using it!

Amazingly, they then climbed a tree to get a better view of the valley and the trees in the sunshine. These sheep are really something!

The 10th of the month found these courageous little guys at the Spokane Transfer Station a.k.a. the dump. The operator of that giant tractor was so curious about them that he stopped shoving garbage around and opened his cab door to talk with The Sheep. They never told me what he said, but he smiled as he drove away!

This post is getting really long - I'll break it up into a couple - these are some BUSY sheep!!!


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  2. They seriously have a more exciting life than I do this month.