Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat?

The Sheep are all decked out in their costumes and waiting impatiently for the trick-or-treaters.  The Sheep hope you get all the candy you want! And that you get to see all of your neighborhood kids in their adorable costumes!!

Happy Candy Holiday!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guess who are very, very excited about the upcoming candy holiday? You guessed it... These guys!!! If you see them around town, don't let on that you know they are The Sheep!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

This time the adventure found The Sheep instead of The Sheep finding adventure!

Last night The Sheep were very thankful for a warm, dry, shelter!!! We had quite a wind storm!! And then when we went out to explore, we found downed tree limbs and leaves EVERYWHERE! And the neighbors had lost the roof to their carport. But that wasn't the most surprising thing.

Here is what the neighbor's car port looked like on the 18th of October.

Here's what it looks like right now! It is seriously windy out!

It's hard to believe from the beautiful blue sky, but it's COLD out there!

I know it's crazy, but we got a little dusting of SNOW last night, brrrrr! This is all that was left by the time The Sheep got around to showing me, but it was still cold and windy out there!

Here is what the leaves looked like on the 20th of this month.

Here is what the leaves look like today after the windstorm! BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Sheep and The Barn Owl

Well, today The Sheep had quite an adventure. It was a good thing they weren't out on their own or they could have been the meal of a very large, very cool Owl! They told me that they thought it looked like a Barn Owl and I believe them since I don't know anything about Owls. If you know differently, please feel free to correct Them. They are humble enough to take correction.

 They wouldn't get this close - they were afraid! Dave had to go by himself to get this photo. What a cool bird!!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Today The Sheep went to Felt's Field. For those of you who don't know the Spokane area, that is a little municipal airport here in The Spokane Valley. It was a beautiful day to fly, but they decided to stay on the ground.

It might be a little difficult to make out, but The Sheep are checking out the airplanes at Felt's Field. They had a really nice day out with the planes.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

An evening at the on the town!

Tonight The Sheep got a special evening at The Theater!! They were privileged to attend the final dress rehearsal (the audience is part of the show) of "Second Samuel". First though, they were treated to a delicious dinner at the Spaghetti Factory - YUM!!

I know it is hard to tell in this photo, but they are hanging on every bite of this Spinach Tortellini. They enjoyed it very much!

I don't know if you can tell, but in the second photo just above the "Second" on the program is a shelf with Campbell's soup cans on it. That is where the sheep spent the entire play. The second photo is when the cast stayed after to answer anyone's questions about the play, theater, what it is like to be in a very cozy theater with the audience as part of the show... you know, that kind of thing.

Now the play is very funny and very poignant. It has a twist just before intermission so the second half deals with some very controversial subject matter. If you have the chance to see this play, The Sheep really do give it four hooves up (they said that in the last post, but they hadn't seen the whole thing.) The acting in this play was very very good - especially since it was really just the final dress rehearsal before the play opens tomorrow night. And the set was well done. Since there is no curtain or scene changes, the lighting was very important and The Sheep felt it was one of the best parts of the show!

"Second Samuel" runs for 5 weeks so you have plenty of time to see it! If you can make it, you should!

Adventrues so far... continued

The Sheep really enjoyed their time at the Spokane River. The Salmon were just lucky that The Sheep didn't have their fishing license! (well, The Sheep are really vegetarians, so I guess the salmon didn't have too much to worry about)

These Sheep just can't get enough of the sunshine that Spokane has been having! This particular evening, they went for a walk along the trail on the Moran Prairie.

You know it's Autumn when even The Sheep are shopping for Pumpkins!

The Sheep sneaked out early on a Monday morning to get a glimpse of downtown before most people were up (or maybe they were already at work??) They asked me to let you all know a few fun facts about Downtown Spokane. In the first photo here, you can see two "smoke stacks" in the distance. Well, those actually used to let steam off from the underground steam plant that heated the whole Downtown area. Offices and businesses used to have radiators that heated their buildings, all from under the city - pretty cool, err I mean hot!

Also, where The Sheep are standing in the second photo is a sky bridge. Do you see the other one over the street about a block away? They are all over the Downtown area! It is so nice in the snow and cold or even in the super hot summer to be able to shop, eat, work without having to go outside! Since Downtown Spokane is pretty much in a valley, sometimes the air quality suffers - another reason it's great to stay inside!

 Back on the farm, The Sheep decided that it is only Autumn once a year and you can't let the leaves go to waste! They had to "get their frolic on"

In these photos The Sheep are pretty much staring down The Deer. The two were very curious about each other and stood for a long time checking each other out. The Sheep lasted longer, the Deer got a little jumpy.

On the 18th of October, The Sheep decided to see what the night life in Spokane is like. So they stopped into Charley's Grill & Spirits to see what they'd been missing.  They were very tempted to sing Karaoke with the rest of the folks, but got "sheepish" when it came down to getting in front of all of those people. No need to worry though, they just drank soda and people watched!

 These Spoiled Sheep!!! "pigging out" on Krispy Kremes!! I guess everyone should get a treat once in a while!

The 19th of October was a great night for roasting marshmallows by the fire. So The Sheep took full advantage of it!

It's amazing how much The Sheep like it here on the "farm". They really enjoy the laid back weekends. Oh look, so do The Deer!

These Sheep are not only adventurous, they are curious! (I guess those go hand in hand). So the other day, they decided to check out the local library. I'm pretty sure they liked it! And they must have been quiet enough because they didn't get kicked out!

The mornings here have been REALLY foggy and The Sheep LOVE it! Why, you ask? Well, it is because when the fog burns off the day is bright and sunny and the temps are in the 60's! It's really fun to wake up to the crisp cold fog knowing that it won't be long before it will look like this...

Well, now you are up to date on The Sheep. Let's see where they are going to go from here!

Thanks for stopping by their blog.

The Adventures so far...

Just to get everyone caught up... here are the adventures The Sheep have had so far...

On the 6th of October, they wandered up to the top of the hill to take in the sunset. The good news was that they came right back after they had their fill (for one day) of the beauty!

The very next day, they went out again! This time to the Civic Theater in Downtown Spokane. This was only a rehearsal, so no one was overly concerned that some sheep were in the building. They play "Second Samuel" opens THIS weekend(October 25th)! The sheep give it 4 hooves up, you should check it out!

They must have over done it at the theater last night because they were inside by the fire first thing the morning of the 8th - wimps! There isn't even any snow yet!

They were quick to recover though, because the very next morning they were outside watching Dave use the backhoe! They were amazed by this piece of machinery and by the expertise Dave showed in using it!

Amazingly, they then climbed a tree to get a better view of the valley and the trees in the sunshine. These sheep are really something!

The 10th of the month found these courageous little guys at the Spokane Transfer Station a.k.a. the dump. The operator of that giant tractor was so curious about them that he stopped shoving garbage around and opened his cab door to talk with The Sheep. They never told me what he said, but he smiled as he drove away!

This post is getting really long - I'll break it up into a couple - these are some BUSY sheep!!!