Thursday, October 24, 2013

I guess we need to start at the beginning... These are The Sheep
They don't have names, they're just known collectively by "The Sheep". They originally hail from Japan and who they knew and what they did there, they have kept to themselves. I can't get any of their adventure stories from Japan out of them.

They came to me (in Lacey) last summer. They lived in the office building of Faith Assembly of Lacey - known as "The HUB" until about 3 weeks ago. The only adventures they ever had in Lacey were to hide in the Senior Pastor's office and wait for him to find them. (they got really good at hiding!)

When Dave and I moved to Spokane we said, "good-bye" to them, but they followed us here. They showed up "on our doorstep" so to speak on Saturday, October 5th. Then their Spokane adventures began.

They LOVE it here and are always finding ways of exploring the beauty and experiences that the Spokane area have to offer.

Thanks for stopping by their blog, we'll try to make sure you always have some adventures to see.

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