Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sheep at a Deer Convention???

Today, The Sheep heard a rumor that The Deer were having a convention in a field nearby. Well, They decided that They'd try to crash... here's what happened.

As usual, The Deer are hard to see, so I'll explain. It started out with about 20 or so Deer in the field. Some were lying around, others were standing and snoozing (so it seemed). Then of course, They got wind of The Sheep and The Deer started to get restless.  The Sheep had to get a little bit creative in order to get a photo. The Deer left the field They had been relaxing in and crossed the dirt road to another field, only not all of Them left. So, that left Them split between two fields. The Sheep raced around to get a better view.

Eventually, The Deer started to ignore The Sheep and play amongst Themselves. Then The Sheep got bored and left.

What can you do?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sheep and The Blue Heron

Yesterday, The Sheep were out in the neighborhood for a walk. They must have been making noise, because they startled a Blue Heron enough for It to fly to the next pasture. The Sheep followed and got a couple of photos, but The Sheep couldn't get close enough for The Heron to show up well (remember The Owl?) Here is what we captured...

Yes, it looks like the same photo over and over again, but it's not. The Heron is flying away in front of The Sheep, you'll probably have to zoom in!

The Heron didn't seem very interested in The Sheep, but flew away as soon as They got "close". The Sheep have heard rumors of this Blue Heron... or One very much like it... in the area, now They've seen it for Themselves.

Hopefully next time it's in the neighborhood, Their Lovely Assistant, Dave, will we on hand with His camera and get some better photos. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Freezing Fog can be really cool!!

The Sheep have been out and about today in Their neighborhood. The Fog has been amazing these last few days and The Sheep are hoping that it comes through in the photos.

I know that these photos don't do justice to this beautiful phenomenon, but we tried.

Also, The Sheep went up above the fog just to see what things looked like up there. They decided that living "under the circumstances" was not for Them. They are determined to live "above the circumstances". Somewhere under all that fog is the western part of the City of Spokane!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The most depressing week of the year? Not with These Guys around!

The Sheep heard that a study was done and it concluded that the first week in January is the "most depressing week of the year". So They decided that EVERYONE in blogville needed to explore Spokane to cheer us up!

First they visited the Radio Flyer because... how can you look at this thing and not smile?!! (of course it is even more smile inducing in the summer when it is full of kids sliding down it and giggling on the way!)

Then They headed over to "The Trash-eating Goat" sculpture in River Front Park because... well... I mean... Why NOT???!!

The Sheep would like to thank Their lovely assistant, Dave, for his help demonstrating the suction powers of "The Trash-Eating Goat"!!


And then Just because They were so close, They decided that a trip to the "Lower Falls" on the Spokane River might cheer up Their readers.

You'd think that The Sheep could be a little afraid of being directly over those fast moving falls, but They stuck Their necks right out there and enjoyed the view!

The tallest structure in the back there is called the "Pavilion" and it was built as part of "Expo '74" A.K.A. The World's Fair 1974 that was hosted here in Spokane. And in case you can't read the letters on that funky shaped building, it's the IMAX theater that was built at the same time.

Can you tell what this stop was? This is a toy shop in Downtown Spokane called Boo Radley's. It had this really cool robot sculpture out front. His eyes glow red and his "ray gun" changes colors. We saw green and yellow!

Then as it started getting dark, They thought They'd head north across the river. Here is the "Lower Falls" at night. It's hard to see, but you can kind of get the idea.

Here is a cool place called the "Flour Mill". It isn't a mill for grinding flour anymore, but it used to be and it is a REALLY cool building. It used to use the power of The River for processing the flour. You can read more about it if you're interested.

The Sheep are not quite sure They will be visiting The Flour Mill again in the near future. They didn't feel like all of the shoppers in the cute little shops were happy to see Them.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crafty Little Sheep

Well, The Sheep have been hunkered down in this weather. The sun is out and it looks like summer out there, but the high is 25 degrees. They have been walking in the "heat" of the day and trying to capture some of the sunshine, but there just hasn't been enough for photos.

They started thinking about The Dog. He has been displaced and has been a little more nervous than usual. So They decided that he needed his crate back. His own little space that belongs only to Him. The problem was that there was no pad in the crate. Just the hard plastic floor with a blanket on it. Of course, The Dog never complained, he just sat obediently on His blanket and shivered.

So The Sheep decided that They would make Him a pad for the bottom of His Crate. Ummmm, there was a slight problem with this idea... Sheep don't have thumbs!!! So here is where The Sheep got crafty. They were able to convince The Humans that The Dog needed a pad and that The Humans needed to make it.

So after about ten hours of planning, cutting and sewing The Dog has a new pad for His crate. He is very appreciative.

These Sheep aren't only crafty, They're thoughtful!