Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sheep and The Blue Heron

Yesterday, The Sheep were out in the neighborhood for a walk. They must have been making noise, because they startled a Blue Heron enough for It to fly to the next pasture. The Sheep followed and got a couple of photos, but The Sheep couldn't get close enough for The Heron to show up well (remember The Owl?) Here is what we captured...

Yes, it looks like the same photo over and over again, but it's not. The Heron is flying away in front of The Sheep, you'll probably have to zoom in!

The Heron didn't seem very interested in The Sheep, but flew away as soon as They got "close". The Sheep have heard rumors of this Blue Heron... or One very much like it... in the area, now They've seen it for Themselves.

Hopefully next time it's in the neighborhood, Their Lovely Assistant, Dave, will we on hand with His camera and get some better photos. 

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