Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crafty Little Sheep

Well, The Sheep have been hunkered down in this weather. The sun is out and it looks like summer out there, but the high is 25 degrees. They have been walking in the "heat" of the day and trying to capture some of the sunshine, but there just hasn't been enough for photos.

They started thinking about The Dog. He has been displaced and has been a little more nervous than usual. So They decided that he needed his crate back. His own little space that belongs only to Him. The problem was that there was no pad in the crate. Just the hard plastic floor with a blanket on it. Of course, The Dog never complained, he just sat obediently on His blanket and shivered.

So The Sheep decided that They would make Him a pad for the bottom of His Crate. Ummmm, there was a slight problem with this idea... Sheep don't have thumbs!!! So here is where The Sheep got crafty. They were able to convince The Humans that The Dog needed a pad and that The Humans needed to make it.

So after about ten hours of planning, cutting and sewing The Dog has a new pad for His crate. He is very appreciative.

These Sheep aren't only crafty, They're thoughtful!


  1. What great giving and serving hearts those sheep have!