Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Christmas?

The Sheep are very excited about Easter. But They'd like to go back a few months to Christmas. Why you ask? Well... They wrote a little poem about it. They hope you like it!

The baby born on Christmas day was no ordinary babe
He came to live a perfect life to show us all the way.
He didn’t have to come at all, He could have let us be
But love compelled Him to the birth that has changed everything.
Why talk of Christmas on Easter morn? Why mix these holy days?
The babe, the cross, the man, the way, how can these things relate?
Without the manger, without the life, there’s no purpose for the tomb.
Other people died that way, forgotten and decayed too soon.
The difference is this Man who died was perfect, sinless, God
He CHOSE to die to wash us clean; to pay what we cannot
For ONLY He was born that day to die, but then to rise
Because it took a perfect God to pay the ransom price!

Happy Easter!

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