Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sheep and The Sunshine!

The Sheep decided that it was too cold here in Spokane, so They got on an airplane again and headed to Phoenix, AZ. Well, They really ended up in the mountains above Phoenix, They weren't ready for summer weather yet, just spring-like weather. While They were up there They found  a couple of interesting sights.

Here They are catching a glimpse of the south rim of the Grand Canyon! It was windy that day and in the 60s, much better than the 40s it was when They left Spokane!

Then They headed to this really cool place called Tonto Natural Bridge where They saw what Arizonans think a waterfall looks like :)

In Arizona's defense, there WAS a little water trickling down there:)

Here is what the "waterfall" looked like from underneath. The Sheep were too chicken to make the trek down so I had to get a photo by myself. Chicken Sheep, who has ever heard of such a thing? Is that like a Chicken Nugget? Two things that don't really belong together, but they are together? Something to think about.

The Sheep decided that the scenery was pretty and worth showing you even though They aren't in ALL the pictures.

I tried to tell The Sheep that even small children were brave enough to go down to the bottom where the water landed, but They wouldn't hear it.

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