Thursday, December 19, 2013

Continuing the quest for Christmas Spirit

So... The Sheep have been talking to some of The Locals and in doing so learned of a really cool place to look for Christmas Spirit. There is a park here in Spokane called Manito Park. It has a rose garden and a Japanese Garden and a pond that is currently frozen over, but has swans in the summer. This park is pretty big and impressive. But the Christmas Spirit part of this park is The Greenhouse. So The Sheep set out to discover this for Themselves.

Just as They arrived at Their destination it started to snow. Big (ish) dry fluffy flakes that just drifted over the pavement, nothing dangerous, just pretty.

This was magical in itself, but then They went inside!

The staff at The Greenhouse had decorated the place to the HILT! The cacti even got into the act. Christmas Spirit was everywhere! This is a very good start, but The Sheep will keep up Their quest for more Christmas Spirit!!!

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