Friday, November 8, 2013

Since the snow melted, The Sheep decided to explore Spokane!

Today The Sheep headed over the Riverside State Park. More specifically they visited a place called "The Bowl and Pitcher". Back in the day people called this rock formation (on the left) "The devil's teapot", but today we call it "The Pitcher"  It may be difficult to make out, but it is the rock in the distance with a flat top.

Back in 1889 a man named Aubrey L. White convinced the State to preserve this landscape by creating a park around it. It took a lot of time and effort, but it became a State Park in 1933.

Now, a little more difficult to discern is "The Bowl". (There are fallen trees in front of it).

Here is a shot from above, maybe you'll be able to see it better.

It's still hard to tell, but there is a "Bowl" formation in front of those large rocks. The current goes in there and swirls around before it continues on its journey down stream.

In 1933 the Civilian Conservation Corp built this bridge. They built it offsite and then disassembled it and brought it in three pieces to reassemble it over the river.

The Sheep were not entirely convinced that this is the same bridge, I mean, it's made out of wood. They were sure that pieces have been replaced over the years.
The Sheep were pretty jumpy walking over this hanging bridge that swayed in the wind. They weren't certain that they'd want to try it in the spring when the water level is much closer, but we'll see.

The Sheep are really learning a lot about Their new hometown and its rich history!


  1. I love the adventures they're having! I think their handler must be learning a lot, too!

  2. That's true. Is amazing how much I didn't learn growing up here